Its not New But it Works!!!!


Wake up in the morning and fry eggs, or better poach them, then go ahead and fry crispy bacon, toast your bread and make rosettes of butter – set the table and press some orange juice while you at it! sit down and have a peaceful morning while enjoying your breakfast. Then proceed to drive to work RIGHT?

So if you are trying to get through an SA traffic prior to work whether it be on Beyers Naude or from Parklands to Cape Town, you will have to leave home atleast by 6:30 in the morning… NOT AYOBA (meaning not Cool!).

So a Smoothie will do, its not new, yet it works.

I made these strawberry, banana and almond smoothies while entertaining a friend in Cape Town year 2013. She LOVED them. She loves everything I make – kinda interesting, I guess thats what friends are for ūüôā

No recipe today – just gooi (throw) everything together and add a bit of honey or maple syrup and ice blocks until desired thickness and sweetness. Enjoy – better than trying to poach an egg on a working day – you can save that for work free days.

So…I reckon – Revive your smoothie magic, or start ¬†if you’ve never done so!!!

Other Flavour combinations

Berry Bliss – Blend together mixed frozen berries with greek style yoghurt

Goji ‘berrilicious’ – blend mixed berries with a lot of goji berries and honey

Get the Passion on – Blend bananas, passion fruit and a little lemon together

Treat your chocolate craving!!! – melt some chocolate and blend together with some fresh cream, banana’s and hazelnuts if needed (this one is not an everyday option though)

Dont ForgeT the Ice Blocks!!!

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