Let them eat Nyimo… My great Zim Food experience

20140518-073345.jpgEating Nyimo (round nuts) with the locals for the first time in Zimbabwe was…well let’s say, I had to be stopped. Nyimo is grown in the fields that are filled with all sorts of other wonderful vegetables from sugar beans, nyemba (cow peas), to pumpkin etc.

One of the best dishes was pumpkin leaves cooked with a peanut butter sauce – yum! This will be part of my best found recipe collections.

While we walk to the fields, we go pass all these fruit trees from marula, mulberry, pawpaw and guavas. I’ve always said I want a wonderland garden where you get all these vegetables and fruits popping while walking in the garden, so for me this was a wonderland!

Back to Nyimo, its then picked, washed and boiled in salted water until soft (this takes some time), then drained and enjoyed as a snack. The texture is soft with a clean nutty and salty flavour. We sat for hours chatting to the friends from Masvigho region while peeling Nyimo and eating it, with me being the culprit for the heaped bowl reducing drastically ūüôā

Amongst the trees that we saw is a baobab tree right in the midst of the family village, now you can imagine how big the village is. The one below is one we saw along the way though ūüôā


Mornings were glorious! filled with fresh air, when we walked out of the bedrooms which are in a separate building from the kitchen and other living rooms, we had to go and greet Gogo who would be sitting peacefully underneath a tree. One morning She gave use a Baobab fruit. We were then told that we had to mix the seeds with milk and sugar to make a yoghurt like drink, delicious!

Like the Baobab fruit, Matamba is another fruit that I have never seen before. Hanging beautifully from the tree until they are ripe and fall to be enjoyed.


I wouldn’t trade anything for this experience, mingling and rubbing shoulders with the locals was AMAZING!

Some Baobab trees that we saw on along the way were also breath taking. As the one above off coarse :). Almost everyone grew their own fruits, like the pawpaw tree below and vegetables.








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