3 easy steps to make a quick Easter Dessert


Recipe and Styling by Thulisa Martins, Photographs by Dylan Swart http:www.dylanswart.com

Wow your guests with these quick and easy sweet treats. Does Speckled egg vanilla ice cream tickle your fancy? or are you more of a chocolate puff milkshake kinder person?



Thanks to Woolworths Easter Range, I got to use the lovelies in these desserts. Go to http://www.woolworths.co.za to see more of their range. Then what will really make this experience even better is investing a little in an ice cream maker. I find that the BELLA portable Ice cream maker is super easy to use and it’s so quick to make the Ice cream – this is a no brainer! http://www.bellahousewares.co.za

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Easter is a time for fun, family and friends. You need to spend time with family and friends rather than slaving away in the kitchen. Try these easy recipes that, if done in a clever way, will have you out of the kitchen in less than an hour. And I will take you through all the steps to do so in less than 20 minutes. Scroll down to see how.

Step 1 – Get your ingredients Ready – This is easy, just print out or write the ingredients that you will need and make sure they are all at home before you start. Now that was easy, wasn’t it.

Step 2 – Spend less than 30 minutes preparing – carefully follow the recipe, these recipes are created for those who really don’t have time to spend in the kitchen yet want to still impress.

Step 3 – Relax and Enjoy – once all your “hard work” is done, enjoy!

Speckled Egg Vanilla Ice cream


Makes about 500ml Ice cream – double the recipe to make 1 litre

150g Castor sugar

200ml full cream milk

200ml fresh cream

3 large egg yolks

30ml (2 tbsp) caster sugar

2.5ml (1/2 tsp) vanilla essence

small handful or Large handful (which is more my liking), speckled eggs, I used the Woolworths ones, roughly chopped 50g melted milk chocolate, to serve


Place the 150g sugar, milk and cream in a double boiler and heat while stirring until the sugar has dissolved.

Blend the egg yolks with 30ml (2 tbsp) sugar until light and fluffy. Blend the hot cream mixture into the egg mixture for 2 minutes. Place the mixture back into the double boiler and stir using a wooden spoon until a runny custard consistency, about 15 minutes.

Churn the ice cream for 30 minutes in the BELLA ice cream maker until thick. Freeze until completely frozen, about 2 hours. If you are using a different Ice cream maker, then follow the manufacturers instructions to churn the ice cream. If you don’t have an Ice cream maker then send me an email for a free instruction on how to make the ice cream without the ice cream maker – this offer is valid until September 2015. Once the ice cream is frozen, stir in the speckled eggs. you might need to let it soften a few minutes before doing so.

Serve with drizzles of melted chocolate.


Chuckle Chuck milk shakes

Makes 4 medium sized shakes, easy, 15 minutes

1 basic vanilla ice cream – use the recipe above

handful Malted chocolate puffs, I recommend the Woolworths ones, roughly chopped

150ml full cream milk 100g melted milk chocolate


Blend together the ice cream, milk and half of the malted puffs for 3 minutes on high speed. Stir in the rest of the puffs and serve immediately in medium sized jars drizzled with melted chocolate.


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