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My dear reader, I find myself writing again. You might be wondering why its been such a long time and I know it has. I’ve just been busy, like all the other Mom’s who work full-time and still juggle a household. Yet writing a blog post to you is such a pleasure and pure passion for me… and also its past winter in SA and spring is just the thing for me. I just feel more rejuvenated around this time of the year, is it the case in your life too?

Talking about spring, lets face it, when the next season of the year comes; somehow one feels like having a change, even if it’s a small tweak in the house to make it feel a bit more like your own personal home again. You would find yourself wondering where the time is to go shopping to find the prefect items.

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Usually I would be going on and on about food, yet in this post I just had to share these Deco treasures that I found. Hopefully you will find them pleasant too.

Modern tropical is what Boardmans has to offer in SA. The following can just be found in one store. No fuss of running around from one store to the next trying to find something that matches a new theme.

Scatter Cushion (from throw and cushion bale pack), R549.95, Boardmans

Linen mix scatter cushion(1), R159.95Boardmans Lifestyle8404

Boardmans Lifestyle8358

All the items featured in this post can be found at Boardmans.

For more information, please visit

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