Best Banana and caramel dessert

I really do not enjoy banana desserts that much, yet this one I love. Its so easy to make and its enjoyed by kids too.

Its creamy with lovely buttery crunch from the cereal and that yummy caramel that is gooey and sweet just adds the final touch and perfect match to the bananas.

Banana and caramel Treat

Recipe & Styling by Thulisa Martins

Photograph by Msimelelo Fana



serves 6-8

3 cups wholegrain banana flavoured cereal, roughly crushed

1/3 cup butter, melted

750ml fresh cream

45ml caster sugar

4 gelatin leaves, soaked in cold water

1/3 hot water in a medium bowl

360g caramel treat, lightly whipped

Three fresh bananas

To Garnish

1 fresh banana to garnish

1 tbsp. light brown sugar



1.Mix the cereal with butter and press into a lightly oiled 20 cm cake pan and refrigerate to set – at least 20 minutes.

2.Whip the cream until foamy, add the caster sugar and then whip until stiff peaks form.

3.Scoop out the gelatin from the cold water (its best to do this delicately with your hands to get any excess water off) and stir it in the hot water until dissolved. Feel this mixture, when its look warm then fold it into the cream mixture.

4.Peel and slice the three bananas and mix with the caramel treat in a medium sized bowl.

5.Take the set butter and layer with  half of the cream mixture on top, the layer with half of the banana and caramel mixture. Repeat with the remainder of the ingredients. Place in the fridge to firm up (this will not set completely as it is a light set.

6.When ready to serve, peel the banana to garnish and slice it. Sprinkle with brown sugar and blow torch to caramelize. Scoop the dessert treat into serving glasses or bowls and top with caramelized banana slices.

Tip: you can use shortbread cookies if you are not fond of cereal.


Banana and caramel treat

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