Sour dough bread lesson in Cape Town.

Photographs by Thulisa Martins





My dear reader as I am sitting and having a gorgeous memory of my sour dough bread lesson in the heart of long street Cape Town at the loaves on long. It was such an inspiring moment to be in this rather charming space.

We arrived in the morning to attend what had panned itself to be a very humbling experience – making sour dough and thankfully the starter dough was already made by our host. Yet she explain how to make our own in such a way that I felt like – YAY – I can do this!


It is not just baking – it is a craft making this beautiful and rewarding bread. We had coffee on arrival then went on to do our thing – well bread making course off course. With the ready-made dough – we shaped and baked and then made new dough from and took that home.

I must say the kneading process was therapeutic. If you are ever in Cape Town its worth trying.

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