What to braai with family – easy fun and delicious tips


My Mom was visiting last week to attend my Brother and Sis in Law’s graduation. We had so much fun and on Saturday we decided to have a braai (more like a South African version of BBQ).


We decided to go to a spot at the Blouberg beach and just enjoy nature and the beautiful Mother City while creating wonderful memories.




The menu was easy to make as no one wanted to spend lots of time in the kitchen prepping. So we had the following:

Peri Peri Prawns – Large prawns, de-veined and cleaned, seasoned with salt and pepper and thoroughly coated with a good peri peri sauce. Lemon and herb sauce can be used if spicy is not your thing. Then put on the braai, turning until cooked while basting in between.

Garlic butter mushrooms – I always love to have sides that can be cooked on the braai. So we packed a cast iron pan. We melted lots of butter in the pan on the braai, added crushed garlic and mixed herbs and exotic mushroom and stirred occasionally until cooked. We also used some large mushrooms straight on the braai topped these with knobs of butter, garlic and seasoned with salt, herbs and pepper. Then we mixed both mushrooms together to serve– it was YUM!



Sweet corn – simple with salt and pepper and you could serve them with a sour cream dip.



Garlic Bread in foil on the braai – easy!

Spicy Butterfly chicken – you can season it anyway you like. Garlic and herb or smoked paprika or even a BBQ chicken could do.


A Fresh salad to serve and you could also add in chicken kebabs and smoked fish in the mix….I know it’s a lot of food right.

Then the nature canvas of the sea, Table Mountain and Robin Island and great family company just made it extra special





When going outdoor Braai away from home – make sure you pack the little things such as cloths to clean, an extra rubbish bags, lots of water, in-between snacks and cold drinks, picnic blankets and a stress free attitude (try and enjoy the moment with loved ones or friends).


I hope your next Braai will be wonderful outdoors.

We got in just in time before the very cold weather started J

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