Sihle’s Unicorn Birthday

I’ve been wanting to share this post  with you my dear reader about our little ones recent unicorn themed birthday party.




Why I’m writing this to you is just to share how I coped with pulling this party together.

So I will focus more on what worked well. Lately what I have been learning is managing my time better and planning my days and sticking with that plan, so I had a weekly plan of what to do when, to have as little stress as possible. We outsourced the venue to have as little as possible time to prep and clean up after, yet making the most fundamental parts that individualize and make Sihle’s party special in place. To us the goal was to have the best memorable celebration and be present for the moment,  so some things mattered for this and some did not.


So our families decision then was to focus on the desserts and with the help of friends – we made the unicorn cupcakes, colorful cheese cake and the cake. We got together the deco and lots of fun loving friends to make this party. So one thing to take out of this is that you are not alone, we are never alone. There is always someone to help and when you recognize this help or it is offered to you…TAKE IT!


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