Best Moments with Mom

Dear reader, as promised I am sharing the moment I spent time with my Mom at Diemersdal farm eatery.



I will not dwell too much on the food, yet just the moments of talking we had in that relaxed afternoon.

You see, life is too short not to cherish moments with loved ones – Why are we so busy chasing the so called ‘successes’, while missing most important things in life.

There were moments in my life where I got anxious just by not doing much – not being ‘busy’ with something – it felt like I was forgetting something that I had to do. I had to recently teach myself to pause, to breathe and to exist!



It’s moments like this outing with my Mom that reminds me about what is important in life. So without writing way too much, this is what we did (a PICTURE Tells Tons of Stories).

The pictures were taken in a very short period of time and the rest of the time we utterly enjoyed.

Do share your moment’s dear reader – Inspire us in this ‘busy’ lifestyle – share your ‘pause’ moments!

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