What to do with whole chicken

Roast it! the left overs can be used for sandwiches or salads.

…by Thulisa Martins



So every Sunday I aspire to cook and plan meals for the week. I have a chalk board where I write all my dinner plans and try to stick to that as much as possible. Most of the cooking is done over the weekend or even marinating some meats to be cooked during the week – to make it easier when we get home.

I also try and cook something that take a bit longer to prep for the weekend and serve it then. Hence this yummy chicken roast done last week had to be shared.

All I did was to collect herbs from my garden pots – thyme & parsley and used it to stuff underneath the chicken skin with lots of plaas botter (farm butter – now that another post on its own) to enhance the flavour. Then the chicken was seasoned with freshly crushed pepper and sea salt. Then I stuffed it with whole lemon and garlic.

I roasted it at 180°C (every 500g for 30 minutes). It was delicious.

Next to it I scattered some roasting potatoes coated with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and red onion wedges to roast together.

This one pot roast is great served with a luscious salad over summer or a warm green pea salad over winter/ roasting veggies.

This week I started getting the kids more involved with dinners – will see how that pans out. We enjoyed our roast chicken made effortlessly.


What to do with kids this summer

Dear precious reader, I just had to share this memory with you.


I have been so busy lately with my Dad in hospital and work load elevating again while having to man the fam. I have been blessed with a great husband, still a man J yet just complimenting me in all aspects of my busy buzzing life! Not only has he been dragged to go to a vegan restaurant, he has been a foodie of note.

I felt that my 13 year old is drifting away – growing too fast. Then after a work outing doing an amazing race, I told my son Sinaso about our work experience and he was super excited about it. So then we ended up doing the red bus (not a race) yet hop on and off was such a great adventure for us. We also included the canal cruise – just the two of us (we absolutely had so much fun and loved it – sorry no pics just a memory at this stage) we were in the moment. This particular weekend, Mava (my Hubby) was travelling.

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Then I felt a bit guilty as I thought that the other two kids were a bit neglected – joys of Mother of three –  Hence the birth of making popsicles with all kids came about. We bought juice and coloured some with food colouring to make the different colours. I love berries – so a blueberry and pear one for me was good J.

We had so much fun and had to remake more. This summer we are so going to make lots to freeze so that we have enough in our freezer.

I was inspired by the galaxy! (you are my galaxy) as said by Diane in a photo-shoot that I went to J hence the coloured vibing some galaxy notes.

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