The Best culinary school ever!

ICT – Infinity culinary training I am so grateful to have come across you.


I am also grateful for Marisa Munroe, my Mentor who introduced me to you. This is what the essence of life is all about – the spirit of ubuntu…when we all forget about our selfish desires and just focus on building one another other to make this world a better place.


ICT – the shortbread cookies are gone, I got them today as I was at my grad last week and had kids sick and the other at prom night – how I wish I got them earlier. The shortbread was so yum and buttery, short and moo-rish!. my kids also loved them. The letter got me 99.999 percent in tears – I had to keep my cool in my new department. I am humbly grateful- Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Big ups to you Siphasethu for making the best cookies ever. You must open a bakery!

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