Try these mini wine ice cubes this new years.

If you are like us in SA and are having a hot summer holiday season, then these mini wine ice cubes are just the thing to chill your beverages. They can also be made with water or a clear fruit juice. I have seen lots of friends who forget to chill white wine and then use water ice cubes to chill the wine which intern dilutes the good stuff. These will chill your beverage while the flavour is not affected.



makes about 6 to 8 cubes

250 ml white wine or apple juice- same wine you will be serving for your guests.

small handful fresh berries of your choice

6-8 shot glasses or you can use an ice tray.



  1. Fill the glasses or ice tray with fresh berries.
  2. Carefully top the glasses/ tray with wine or juice.
  3. place in the freezer and freeze – about 6 hours until frozen.
  4. tip – I used some rosemary in mine as well – this adds flavour and makes it easy for the ice cube to come out of the glass as it can just be pulled using the rosemary stem. this is optional…Happy Entertaining.








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