Lamb cutlets with Exotic Mushrooms

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As mentioned in a previous post, I love lamb ­čÖé this is a more sophisticated way of treating special guests for a dinner party or even a special dinner for two.

Photography by: Farayi Kambarami

Food & Styling by: Thulisa Martins

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Preparation: 15 minutes (note 2 hours to marinade)

Cooking 10 – 15 minutes

Preheat oven:180ÔŚŽC


600 – 800g rack of lamb, trimmed

Handful rosemary sprigs, roughly chopped

Handful fresh thyme, roughly chopped

4 garlic cloves, crushed

2 Tbs olive oil

salt & black pepper to taste

For the Exotic mushrooms

15ml olive oil

5ml garlic, crushed

5ml chilli, finely chopped

5ml fresh ginger, grated

150g exotic mushrooms

100ml mascarpone cheese

50ml fresh cream

salt & black pepper to taste

Tip – some retailers have the garlic, chilli & ginger in one pack ready to cook!


For the Lamb cutlets

– Rub the rack of lamb with olive oil & garlic.

– Rub half of the rosemary & all the thyme on top on the skin and underneath if possible.

– Marinade for at-least two hours in a ziplock bag.

– Remove the lamb from the bag and sear on all sides in a hot pan until brown, a cast iron griddle pan is great for this.

– Carefully season with salt and black pepper – take caution not to burn yourself.

– Roast the lamb until preferred doneness in a preheated 180ÔŚŽC oven. I prefer to roast mine for 6-8 minutes. then rest for 5-10 minutes before cutting.

For the exotic mushrooms

– Roughly chop some mushrooms and leave some whole.

– In a frying pan ┬áusing the olive oil, saut├ę the garlic, chilli and ginger for 2 minutes.

-Add the mushrooms and the rest of the rosemary and saut├ę for a further 3 minutes. Add a little more olive oil if needed.

-Reduce the heat and add the mascarpone and fresh cream, stir through for 2 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked.

– Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

To assemble

Serve lamb cutlets with exotic mushrooms, duck fat roast potatoes (search recipe in a previous post), rosa tomatoes and micro leaves.

What inspired the recipe:

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When I was still in Cape Town and my family had already started to relocate to Johannesburg in the latter part of 2013, I was left alone to cook for one. After a week of takeouts, I had to start cooking for myself as the waist line was starting to expand :). So It was lovely to treat myself with this recipe – its quick, comforting and easy to make.

Watch out for more recipes that I created when I was cooking for one.

…Off-coarse these can be transformed into dinner parties, special dinners, valentines dinners┬áetc.

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